Toward The Congregations In The Philippines!!

Evangelist Chung

How are you, all the students with the missonary Rebecca??

This is the first time to write you the Filipinos.

I was so happy to receive Rebecca's report of your missionary, the delightful moving and praying for the Almighty Eloha!!

    The Almighty Father is doing great and mighty works and students are loving to study and share the Holy Bible.

    We have been seeing rooms with Biblical quotes and this February please pray that we will be able to use the school gym so we could evangelize more students and let them know the Word of Jehovah Elohim. HalleluJah!!!

    Blessings of Messiah be with you always.

    I pray that this will be year of fulfillment for the works of Jehovah be accomplished in Wilderness Flower ministry.

Yehovah will never forget your praises and prayers.

This evangelist is going to over toward your country this year. Ten years have passed since I had been in your country. I hope that Yehovah open my way toward your country.

The situation now I am concerend about is so meek, but Yehovah can do everything as He will do.

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